Frequently asked questions

Sure. Before you purchase any vehicle you should book the services of a trusted mechanic. When you book Purely Mechanical to undertake your pre-purchase inspection you can rely on us for a non-biased, honest opinion.

We’ll give you a quote before we commence any work. If there are any unexpected issues, we’ll call and discuss your options.

We are available on Saturday’s by appointment only, and closed on Sunday.

No. We are authorised to carry out new car servicing and can do so based on the manufacturer’s requirements.
Unfortunately, most warranties won’t cover regular servicing or everyday wear and tear. They cover manufacturing faults and any damage due to that fault. For example; faulty airbags.

Computerised technology and radio codes mean washing down your battery is something that should be left to a trusted mechanic, as they need to be disconnected correctly with a back-up device.

You may be experiencing problems with your fan belt. Book your vehicle in for a service as soon as possible.

This could be a sign of a serious engine problem. Pull to the side of the road as soon as it is safe and organise to have your vehicle towed to our workshop. If you continue to drive it, your engine may stall without any warning.